Quin Kadiri’s Donation Campaign

Meet Ms. Quin, a 33-year-old bilateral amputee from Edo State, Nigeria. Her life took a dramatic turn on that fateful day, August 28th, 1995, when she was just nine years old. While running a simple errand for her family, an out-of-control articulated truck with failed brakes tragically crushed her by the roadside. She was left unconscious for days, only to awaken to the grim reality that amputation was her only chance at survival.

Despite these immense challenges, Quin’s spirit remained unbroken. She completed her high school education, although she couldn’t take the final exams to obtain her certificate due to school relocation and financial constraints that left her without a wheelchair or prosthetic limbs, severely limiting her mobility and future prospects.

With unwavering determination, Quin began a journey of self-discovery, teaching herself the art of beading through online resources. Her dream of establishing a beading business became her guiding light, even though her mobility was confined to crawling for nearly 23 years.

In August 2018, a transformative moment arrived with the support of kind-hearted individuals. Quin stood upright on prosthetic limbs for the first time in over two decades, breaking free from the constraints of crawling. However, fate had more challenges in store. In 2020, her prosthetic limb suffered irreparable damage, leaving her unable to walk once again, especially since she had relocated to a remote area with limited access to assistance.

The remote nature of her location and the unforeseen damage to her prosthetic limb emphasized the crucial need for accessible and reliable mobility solutions. Obtaining a motorized wheelchair now stands as a potential solution to facilitate her movement in this remote area.

We appeal to your compassionate hearts to make a profound difference in Quin’s life. Your generous contribution will not only provide her with the means to walk independently but will also empower her to continue her journey toward self-sufficiency and realizing her dreams.

Let us come together to rewrite Quin’s story from one of adversity to one of triumph. Your donation, regardless of its size, will serve as a beacon of hope, reminding Quin that a community of caring souls stands beside her on her journey.

Together, let’s plant the seeds of positive change and witness the flourishing of an indomitable spirit.

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