2019 Walk

The Project Description

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Feet of Grace Foundation, I want to thank you for your support and generous donations to the activities of the Foundation in 2019. Because of your generosity, we are making a difference one amputee at a time. Thank you very much for making 2019 a fantastic year for us at the Feet of Grace Foundation.
The Foundation celebrated its 5th Annual Feet of Grace Charity Walk and five years of operation on Saturday. April 12th, 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. The participants released golden yellow helium-filled balloons in the air in honor of the memory of the Unknown Benefactor and organ donor. Without the donation of these lungs, there would not have been the Feet of Grace Foundation.
In June 2019, the Foundation organized a Donor Appreciation Event in Lagos to honor and appreciate partners and donors who have supported the Foundation in specific ways. They were designated as Feet of Grace Ambassadors and different categories of Special Friends of the Foundation. The Event afforded us the opportunity to recognize those who have gone the extra mile to coordinate the Charity Walk in different cities, those who have mobilized funds for the Foundation as well as the institutional, consistent and regular donors. We also recognized partners who helped the Foundation to get its work done.
Donors, partners, and guests had the opportunity to meet with the beneficiaries present at the occasion to express their gratitude to the Donors. The Event inspired many of the guests to donate and to be more consistent with their donations.


Nineteen cities participated in the 5th Annual Feet of Grace Foundation Charity Walk, including four new cities: Grenoble France, Kumasi Ghana, Maryland USA, and Zaria Nigeria. The first locally organized Charity Walk was held in Dakar Senegal.
The Executive Director of the Foundation participated in the Wholesome Women Conference in Ontario Canada in July 2019. The participants made donations to the Foundation after listening to the testimony which informed the work of the Foundation and the accomplishments made since its inception.
The College of Medicine (UI) Class of 86 Reunion held in August in Maryland USA allowed the Foundation to reach out to a broader community of persons interested in supporting the work of the Foundation. The Executive Director had the opportunity to address the Group to present the walk of the Foundation and solicit their support. This resulted in a significant amount of funds donated to support the work of the Foundation.
Four friends of the Foundation elected to make fundraising for the Foundation the focus of their birthday celebrations:
Babafunke Fagbemi at 50-Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo of Keeping Marriage
Dr lyabo Adeyefa at 60
The October First Birthday Twins at 53 (Mrs. Yinka Ogunnaike and Irene Olumese).
Other special fundraising activities which the Foundation benefited from included the 1000 miles of cycling by Dr. Akintunde Akinkunmi to mark his retirement after 30 years of service in the British Army and the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landing. Dr. Akinkunmi cycled from Normandy in France to Berlin to raise funds for some Charities. The Feet of Grace Foundation was one of the NGOs that benefited from the funds he raised.
The GoFundMe online fundraising platform was an effective means of receiving donations from international donors. Fifty-five donors donated via GoFundMe with a total of 7,239.00 swiss francs raised via this platform.
The total funds raised in 2019 is as indicated in the table below.This amount exceeded the total donations received in 2018.
There was also an increase in the number of donors during this reporting year. Two institutional donors, four NGOs, four churches, and over 500 individual donors contributed to this amount.
The Foundation received large single individual donations exceeding $1000.00 and N100,000.00 from 18 donors. There was an increase in the number of consistent and regular contributions.

Donations In 2019
Currency Total
CHF 18,335.07
USD 12.784.00
EURO 1.734.00
GBP 800.00
NAIRA 13,031,298.00

Institutional, Corporate, and NGO Donors in 2019<
Grooming Center for Better Livelihood, Lagos Nigeria
Falcon Corporation Limited. Lagos Nigeria
Center for Integrated Health Programs (CHIP), Abuja.
Church of the Living Saviour Geneva Switzerland
Rehoboth Dream Solid Foundation, Lagos Nigeria
Change Agentz Lagos, Nigeria
The Redeemed Christian Church, River of Life, Maryland, USA
The Redemption House. Aurora, Ontario, Canada
The RCCG Jesus Embassy. Los Angeles USA
Shola Adefolalu Gaska Foundation, Lagos Nigeria

In January 2019, we selected 12 amputees out of 20 applications received for support in 2019 based on the number of funds we believed we could raise in 2019.
a. Eight amputees completed the process of prosthetic rehabilitation with nine limbs delivered by the end of 2019 (one of them is a bilateral amputee).
b. Three are in varying stages of completion with four legs to be provided at the end of the process (including one bilateral amputee).
c. One amputee is rescheduled to 2020 as she requires corrective surgery on the remaining leg before we can recommence the prosthetic rehabilitation.
The Foundation facilitated the repairs and maintenance of the limbs for three precious beneficiaries. There are four more awaiting repairs.
With the support of our partners, the Rehoboth Dream Solid Foundation, a total of six amputees are on scholarship to facilitate their education with two new amputees added to the four already being supported by RDSF. One amputee received support to assist with her accommodation when she got admission into an institution of higher learning.