2017 Walk

Project Description

The Year 2017 was an amazing year for the Feet of Grace Foundation in so many ways. It was a year of consolidating the achievements made and lessons learned from 2016. As usual, the year began in January with the screening and selection of the ten amputees proposed for support in 2017. The selection process is followed immediately by intense preparations for the Annual Feet of Grace Foundation Charity Walk tagged Hit The Street 2017, which is the event that flags the Foundation’s fundraising efforts for each year. This Event expanded to two East African Countries and new US cities in 2017.
We held the Annual Feet of Grace Foundation Charity Walk on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 in Geneva Switzerland, Nairobi Kenya, Kampala Uganda, Abuja, and Ibadan in Nigeria, Kent UK, Lafayette Louisiana, and Garnet Park Maryland in the USA.
Other cities held the Walk until June 25th. They were given the liberty to fix the Charity Walk for a time most convenient for the participants. These included Surry UK, Zurich Switzerland, and Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga in the USA. The Charity Walk took place in a total of 13 cities in 2017 compared to the seven cities where the event was held in 2016.
The target of funds to raise in 2017 was a lofty goal of 30,000.00 Swiss Francs to provide prosthetic limbs for ten amputees. However, with two bilateral amputees on the list, it became obvious we would need more funds to provide 12 limbs for ten amputees.
I am pleased to inform you that the total amount of donations received in 2017 exceeded our target and was sufficient to meet the goal of 12 limbs for ten amputees.
NAIRA = 7,266,510.50
USD = 9,797.00
CHF = 8,635.00
EURO = 5,100.00
GBP = 990.00