2023 Walk

The Feet of Grace Annual Charity Walk for Amputees marked a profound achievement spanning multiple countries: the UK, Geneva, Abuja, Uganda, Enugu, Nigeria, Brussels, South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda. The core objective of this widespread event was to illuminate the struggles encountered by individuals with limb loss and to rally resources for equipping amputees, including women and children, with vital prosthetic limbs. Embracing the theme “Ten for Ten” to honor a decade of Feet of Grace, my aspiration is to host the Annual Charity Walk in ten countries and across ten cities.

This poignant initiative united communities across the country to support amputee women, children, and families. Encompassing all age groups and fitness levels, participants hailed from diverse backgrounds, including avid walkers. The primary intent was to foster awareness about the unique challenges faced by amputees, amplifying our mission to fund prosthetic solutions for women and children who have lost limbs. This celebration also marked ten years of grace and second chances, mirroring my personal journey of receiving bilateral lung transplantation in April 2013, granting me another decade of purposeful living, courtesy of an anonymous donor’s life-saving gift.

The Feet of Grace Annual Charity Walk embraced a nationwide canvas, uniting amputees, their families, and local communities. Participants, volunteers, and walk coordinators were encouraged to pre-register, and many went the extra mile by contributing additional donations towards our fundraising endeavor.

Stretching over a 10-kilometer route, participants embarked on an inspiring journey, cheered on by volunteers and supporters. Ample water stations and medical personnel were stationed along the route, ensuring the safety and comfort of all. Walking groups fostered a sense of camaraderie, and the finish line was met with jubilant applause, leading to a vibrant post-walk celebration complete with music, food, and drinks.

The resounding success of the Feet of Grace Annual Charity Walk for Amputees resonated most significantly in its fundraising achievements.

In retrospect, the Feet of Grace Annual Charity Walk served as an inspirational gathering, spotlighting the struggles of amputees and uniting communities for a shared purpose. The event’s impeccable organization and the palpable spirit of unity left an indelible mark on participants. As funds were raised to provide prosthetic limbs to those in need, the event showcased the potential of a united community rallying for a vital cause. The organizers express profound gratitude for the invaluable support and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming year’s event, envisioning an even brighter impact on the horizon.