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She is a 42 years old woman who had been diabetic for many years. Olivet lives in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. She had a nail injury in 2009 which was not well treated resulting in a below the amputation of her left leg in 2014.

Olivet Amadi is the second beneficiary of the support for the provision of a prosthetic limb through the donations from the Friends of the Feet of Grace.I watched the fitting of the prosthetic leg via video. She underwent post-fitting alignment and gait training to ensure that she can use the limb without pain.

Unfortunately, Olivet developed diabetic ulcer three months ago because the poor management of her diabetic condition. She is poor and has very little support. She had been in the hospital to ensure that the diabetic ulcer is properly managed so that she does not lose her second leg as well. In the interim, efforts are being made to identify possible ways of supporting Olivet and improving her socio-economic status.