The Power of YOU: Feet of Grace Foundation Annual Charity Walk 2024

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In the vast expanse of our nation, there lies a spirit of unity that transcends boundaries and binds us together in compassion..

Today, we humbly ask for your partnership as we take our cause to the streets and trails of our great nation.

From the busy cities of North, South, East, and West there exists an opportunity for all to make a meaningful impact. Whether you choose to walk in groups or stride solo, your presence and participation hold immeasurable significance.

Gather your loved ones, your colleagues, and your neighbors, and let us walk hand in hand with those who face the challenges of limb loss.

With every step we take, we raise awareness, we foster empathy, and we inspire change. Together, let us champion the resilience and strength within each individual, reaffirming their inherent worth and dignity.

Join us, state by state, as we embark on this transformative journey. Together, let us walk with purpose, walk with heart, and above all, walk with grace.

You can register here

With gratitude and anticipation

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