Prof. Gbenga Mokuolu

Dr. Olugbenga Mokuolu is a highly regarded associate professor of paediatrics with over 15 years of experience in the care of newborns in tropical regions. He also specializes in malaria case management and various public health activities. Dr. Mokuolu received his medical degree from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and completed his residency training in paediatrics and neonatology. He is a fellow of the West-African College of Physicians.

One of Dr. Mokuolu’s primary research focuses is on the management of newborn infections, anthropometry, and malaria management. He has extensive experience in gestational age assessment, neonatal infections, perinatal malaria, and general care of newborns, with a focus on using appropriate technology to address the challenges of newborn health needs in a developing country. Dr. Mokuolu has made significant contributions to the field of malariology, co-authoring several landmark publications.

Dr. Mokuolu is recognized for his pioneering work in the use of digitally recycled incubators, oxygen concentrators as a cost-effective means of oxygen delivery in developing countries, and fabrication of radiant warmers. He has also played a significant role in malaria management, serving as a member of the WHO Technical Expert Groups on the development of Antimalarial Treatment Guidelines and Malaria Case Management Training Modules. Dr. Mokuolu has consulted extensively for countries and various United Nations organizations on malaria case management, and he served as lead writer for Global Fund malaria proposals for Malawi, Nigeria, and Kenya, which successfully accessed Round 7, 8, 9, and 10 Global Funds, respectively.

Dr. Mokuolu has held several leadership positions in his career, including chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, acting director of the university’s Medical Centre of Excellence, and chairman of the ICT Committee. His impressive work has been recognized with the University of Ilorin’s Best Researcher of the Year award in 2010.