Dr. Olumide Ogundahunsi

Professor Olumide Ogundahunsi is a retired World Health Organization (WHO) employee with over 20 years of experience in international public health, health diplomacy, and infectious disease research. In this article, we will highlight his academic and professional achievements, as well as his recent return to Nigeria to continue his work in research, innovation, and development at the University of Medical Sciences Ondo City.

Prior to his work at the WHO, Professor Olumide was a lecturer in Pharmacology at several Nigerian universities. He obtained his doctorate degree in Pharmacology & Therapeutics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he focused on malaria chemotherapy, immune response, and molecular mechanisms of antimalarial drug resistance.

During his time at the WHO, Professor Olumide made significant contributions to global public health, including research on infectious diseases and the development of health policies and programs. He has also been involved in various international committees and expert groups on health-related issues.

After retiring from the WHO in July 2020, Professor Olumide returned to Nigeria to take up a position as Professor and Director of Research, Innovation and Development at the University of Medical Sciences Ondo City Nigeria. In this role, he is continuing his work to develop human capital and capacity building among young Nigerians.

Outside of his professional life, Professor Olumide is a committed Christian and founding pastor of the Chapel of Victory, Sagamu. He has been married to Omobola Ogundahunsi, a professor of Human Nutrition, since 1986, and together they have children and grandchildren.