Dr. Irene Olumese

Dr Irene Titilola Olumese is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, and a Faith-informed Transformational Coach. Her mission is to inspire hope and enrich lives, and facilitate restoration to wholesomeness. She is trained in Trauma-Informed Care and Integrated Family Therapeutic Counselling and currently undergoing certification in Integrated Systems Couples Therapy and Core Transformative Coaching competency.

Dr. Irene is a Lung-Transplant Survivor and Bilateral Amputee. She lost both legs due to the complications of Lungs transplant after living for twenty years with chronic respiratory disease (Bronchestasis) and a debilitating neurological-muscular disorder (Myasthenia Gravis). She uses her story of multi-dimensional and life-threatening traumatic experiences to inspire hope for those going through life challenges and adversities.

As a Coach, Irene helps her clients to overcome adversity, heal from trauma, and go beyond their painful experiences using faith and trauma-informed principles. She promotes restoration to wholesomeness and achieves positive change, using deep reflective thinking to facilitate awareness and clarity. Irene encourages her clients to go beyond their pain to find purpose and live an impactful life.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Feet of Grace Foundation, a charity organization that provides prosthetic rehabilitation services for amputees in Nigeria. She is the author of Grace In The Storms – A Living Proof. Irene is driven by a desire to help people live a victorious life irrespective of the storms they face in their lives and make their pain count as a gain for others.

Irene holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and previously worked with UNICEF for 15 years in three countries (Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt).

Dr. Irene Olumese splits her time between Geneva, Switzerland, where she lives with her husband and two adult sons, and Nigeria, where she facilitates the Foundation’s work.