A Limb for Opeyemi

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Opeyemi OIBO is a 20-year-old above-the-knee amputee. She is in the first year of her studies in Computer Sciences in the University. Opeyemi was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left knee in 2011. She had chemotherapy in India. Her leg was amputated on February 28th, 2012 to prevent the cancer from spreading. She was provided with a prosthetic limb while in India. The prosthesis is now defective and bites into her groin causing great discomfort and pain. Her left prosthetic leg is visibly shorter than the right leg.

For a young lady in the university, it is important that she is supported to retain her self-esteem. Opeyemi should not have to live with pain and discomfort in the pursuit of her dream to be a professional and an independent young woman. With your support, Opeyemi will get a suitable prosthesis that will make going out and going to classes less burdensome. Then she can focus on her education.