Mobility for Anna Agana

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She is a 45-year-old wheelchair-bound widow from Olo Village in Enugu State in the Eastern Region of Nigeria when the Foundation was connected to her by the Healing Hearts Widow Support Foundation. This organization that fights for the rights of widow in the Eastern part of Nigeria and mobilizes support for widows and their children. Anna was physically challenged from childhood. She was injected by a village nurse on the sciatic nerve which resulted in the paralysis of the leg. She was married as a child bride and second wife to a man much older than she was. She gave birth to six children before her husband died, leaving her to take care of the children. Anna needed a sturdy wheelchair that could navigate the rough terrain of her community. She is the sole provider for her children since her husband’s death. She earned meagre income from mending cloths.

Anna received a new wheelchair in March 2016. She was also assisted to a small-scale business selling popcorn in her village. She is doing well and is being monitored by our partners.