Limbs for Esther Onwuliego

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Esther is ten-year-old above-the-knee bilateral amputee. She was born with bow legs (Genu Varum), which continued to bend the more as she grew up. As advised by friends and families, her parents took her to the traditional bone setter to correct the defect. The bones in legs were broken, “straightened” and bandaged with the hope that the legs will stay straightened as the bones heal. Unfortunately, the legs began to decay when gangrene set in. It was at this point Esther was taken to the hospital. It was too late; her legs were amputated at the orthopedic hospital in May 2016.

Esther has a twin sister. While her twin sister and her brother both go to school, Esther is compelled to sit on her wheelchair at home. She does not fit into the available school because of her disability. Apart from the burden of getting her to the local school, the public school is not equipped to manage pupils with disabilities. It is traumatizing for Esther to watch life passing her by. She looked depressed and distant. Her father is a low-ranking Police Officer in the community. Her mother is a petty-trader. They simply cannot afford the cost of the double prosthetic limbs and the care Esther requires.

With your support, Esther will get the prosthetic limbs she needs and she can be reintegrated back to school. She will need help to catch up but she would not have to sit at home and watch her twin sister go to school every day.