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Emmanuel is five years old. He had a fever and convulsion while eating when he was three years old and by the time he woke up five hours later, he was unable to sit and walk properly. His parents managed the situation until he was able to walk again but discovered in the process that he had developed asevere unilateral left “knocked knee.”

Emmanuel’s parents in their attempt to correct the leg called for a Traditional Bone Setter who treated the leg. Three days the leg became discolored by the time the bandage was removed the leg had become gangrenous. He was subsequently taken to the hospital where the doctors advised the leg to be amputated.  Emmanuel’s legwas amputated on the 4th of March 2017


He was fitted with a new prosthetic leg with which Emmanuel full of smiles is walking around again. The Association of Nigerians in Switzerland paid in full for Emmanuel’s prosthetic limb.


His mum was full of gratitude and prayers for Feet of Grace and the Donors.